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Flip②▶ ‘TECHFUL’★ Facebook Flack

Facebook ‘Flack’ Foils the Friendly Confines of Social Media ★
Flip②▶ ‘TECHFUL’★EDITION  ▶ in association with ALTACITIES, aka @ALTALOMAN ▶ Blogs, sites, and media commentary by a cancer survivor since 2006 ▶ archives released Monday-Friday via NUZZEL and SocialCurrentSee® on FLIPBOARD
The SocialCurrentSe® topic of the moment is focused on the public relations problem developing and archived for the social media giant FACEBOOK , if not other mainline social media services as well.

Archiving the constant content of common interest developments in random social media locations ▶ e♥WORTH in® FLIPBOARD

▶ Facebook shares sink more than 6 percent on privacy issues
Jerome Corsi Edward Snowden: Facebook is a surveillance company rebranded as 'social media' Just as #Qanon8chan predicted - Internet social media GIANTS will collapse under CENSORSHIP INVESTIGATIONS for political …