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Clinton Crash Coming

SLIDESHOWPDFNUZ note ▶ The Andrew McCabe firing may have more to do with the Hillary Clinton ‘matter’ than you might think? Fired FBI official McCabe oversaw the Clinton email investigation and his wife Jill McCabereceived a reported $700,000 for her failed Virginia campaign for a US Senate seat.
SLIDESHOWPDF Big Storms Brewing in California, Other Places for Clinton Foundation LifeZette – Mar 15 – Government officials and other donors have routed big money to pliable politicians through “charities” whose controls are purposefully gamed for too long. The worst offenses typically occur in high-tax states, including California… NUZ
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Australia Cuts Clinton Foundation Donations To $0

Zero Hedge – Mar 9 – For months we've been told that the Clinton Foundation, and it's various subsidiaries, were simple, innocent 'charitable' organizations, despite the mountain of WikiLeaks evidence suggesting rampant pay-to-play scandals surrounding a uranium deal…