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Amazone✘ng® ▶ ‘Doctor in the H.U.D. house’

Flip②★ FLIPBOARD★FRIDAY ★ Amazone✘ng® ▶® ▶ Do You Wish You Were Smarter? Ben Carson's Discovery Is Proven To Double Your IQ And Will Be Banned From The Public ▶ PDF ▶

“Recently Ben Carson made some comments in an interview with Pamela Brown and Ryan Browne about a brain booster that would become the biggest event in human history
“Ben Carson credits his ability to function and maintained focused on such a high level to a certain set of "smart drugs" that enhance cognitive brain function and neural connectivity while strengthening the prefrontal cortex and boosting memory and recall.” Amazone✘ng® ▶® in Flip②★ FLIPBOARD★FRIDAY ★ in association with ALTACITIES, aka @ALTALOMAN ★ Blogs, sites, and media commentary by a cancer survivor since 2006 ★ archives released Monday-Friday via NUZZEL and SocialCurrentSee® on FLIPBOARD ★★ TODA…