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*SCS ▶ Mark♥Worthy ▶ Stoneman Douglas

#SDH (the hashtag) has regrettably for 2018 become a prolific and trending #SocialCurrentSee topic, as we like to refer to such things.  The names of the lives lost in the horrific Broward County, Florida, high school shooting may not all be recalled beyond that community, but the internet social media and mainstream news accounts (and commentary) will linger for some time.
* SCS = #SocialCurrentSee ▶

Every Single Government Authority Failed In Parkland. And They Expect Americans To Forfeit Our Self-Defense Rights To Them? ▶ Daily Wire Feb 23 ▶ On Thursday night, the American public learned two bombshell pieces of information regarding the Parkland, Florida mass shooting. First, we learned that the Broward County Sheriff's Office was told in November that the Parkland shooter…
Florida school shooting timeline ▶ Fox News Feb 24 ▶ A gunman set off fire alarms at a Florida high school on Feb. 14, luring hundreds of students out of their classrooms so he coul…