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#Beauty▶ #SocialCurrentSee®

TWITTER moments (like the one below) and social media content today archive the results of web search for the terms #Honor and #Beauty with story and social media links▶  Within these links and the #SocialCurrentSee on topic, we take a lead from the popular devotional study site +Our Daily Bread ▶ As a result of this archive, we stumbled upon Pam and David Cooper @ThePathofPeace, reminding us that we live in a #world of delicate #beauty, #manifested by the #creator just for us to #honor and #enjoy▶ These "playful explorers" travel the world on the quest to find and share the lost Ancient Spiritual Secrets of the Great Mystery of Life — The Path of Peace▶ If you are a TWITTER user, then you have probably experimented with this type of #Hashtag search, both on the site and in the general web.

Flip②▶Vision♥Worth®▶ ​ ▶ ▶ #SocialCurrentSee® by #ALTACITIES®▶#Honor and #Beauty