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#SocialCurrentSee▶ #ExtremeNFLPayday

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#SocialCurrentSee▶ #ExtremeNFLPayday (& #Von Miller)
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#SocialCurrentSee#ALTACITIES clips #MillerTime in Denver ~ Only losers are Bronco NFL rivals | — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) July 16, 2016
#ExtremeNFLPaydaydefinition of the term is fluid and recently refined with...
"Von Miller Denver Bronco contract is the highest in history for a nonQB"
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The #SocialCurrentSee of common interest developments takes a search into matters about sports and athletics, at times, when headlines lead with items like the accounts (above) of Von Miller.  Of course, this blogger's interest in the Broncos stems from history as a 1970s resident of Denver and the fact that all three of my girls, Dee Dee, Suzanne, and Andrea were …