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#SocialCurrentSee®▶ #Gen-X,Y, but Gwz*

One of the Rules of Thumb (ROTs) for bloggers is that social media will never let you down as a source for current content, the phenomena that I like to refer to as #SocialCurrentSee. Those who follow my Blogger sites and social media clips, know the themes that I prefer to journal: 1) cancer survival since I have survived mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) since 2006; 2) common interest developments (aka homeowner associations or HOAs); 3) philanthropy and nonprofit fund-raising and management which was my career for almost 40 years until retirement in 2010.

Of course, the topics of #ALTACITIES cover a variety of other concerns like retirement and health care, e-commerce, social media, technology, travel, reading, avocations, and life concerns of importance to all generations.  That's why you will find that my Storify site helps with my #BrowseonPurpose penchant.

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