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'Costly gate' not open & shut case for HOA

#SocialCurrentSee Today: Time for #Altacities? ALTALOMAN on Storify — Mike Foxworth (@ALTALOMAN) March 16, 2016

According to this blogger, "Homeowners in Brighton Village, DeKalb County, Georgia, have just been blindsided, according...
Posted by Michael Foxworth on Tuesday, March 15, 2016
TRANSPARENCY (or the lack thereof) is a frequent issue around most common interest developments (aka HOAs) in the USA, as noted most recently in the archived clip from FACEBOOK by source Deborah Goonan, author of the IAC blog. Get to know more in the 5Ws+H at the links of this #SocialCurrentSee.

The purpose of IAC is to inform and educate readers with current news and analysis related to mandatory Association Governed Residential Communities or Common Interest Developments (CIDs), more generically known as Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs).  Here, of course, we recognize these communities as #ALTACITIES. Credible and timely source, IAC provides information, analysis, and co…