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Runway clearance issue at FL HOA

▶Posted in triplicate (a Trilogy) around these #ALTACITIES and our Flipboard magazines, the following #SocialCurrentSee archive is a timely sequel to the allied posts on our NEXTDOOR Trilogy message board.
Very few common interest developments (aka HOAs) in the USA come with a landing strip like the one shown above. As amenities for HOAs generally go, a community golf course or a fitness center may be the typical luxury, not a private plane landing strip?  The clips and links below reveal some truth in the old adage (here paraphrased): "The more you add to your home purchase, the more that can go wrong!"

According to CAIRF, Florida leads the nation with about 50,000* HOAs where in excess of 8 million* residents live, topping the nation in both categories. (*2016 estimates)

This location is the Spruce Creek Fly-in Communitynear Daytona Beach, Florida. Recently notable is how a conflict for resident pilots at this HOA made the report that is linked below.