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Showing posts from February 19, 2016

TWC, all cable companies face 'disconnect' with FCC

Numerous sources report the FCC has voted for proposed rules that would require cable companies to provide information like channel and on-demand listings to other companies. If approved, your cable subscription would no longer be tied to a set top box provided by the cable company. Instead, it could be accessed through devices like Apple TV, Android TVRoku, game consoles, and internet giants like Google, evenAmazon.  ▶SOURCE ▶ FCC Ruling Could Shake Up Cable Companies - IGN News

Those who live in common interest developments (aka HOAs) like this blogger and my 1,317 neighbors (not to mention some 70 million more HOA members around the USA) may take special delight in this prospect because our current cable rates are sky high due mainly to the relative lack of consumer choice. What's more, our TGI HOA community in Southern California, the Inland Empire area south of Corona has a peculiar captive arrangement with the cable company that has prompted a long-standing legal tiff bet…