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'No worry' is a top prescription for the day

"You woke up this morning. That's a gift thousands of people around the world did not receive." #WorryNoMoreBook => — Bruce Van Horn (@BruceVH) January 2, 2016
We started a new year right, Dee Dee and I, with an 8 am trip to the Trilogy Blue Water Sports Center for a 30-minute swim.  Indeed, that has pretty much been the morning wakeup call for us since early in 2015. The near-daily swim replaced our two-mile walks because the hilly climbs of the "trilogyscape" became too much for a couple of 65+ boomers.  Swimming is much less stressful on the joints and limbs.  ~ CANSWERIST

Actually, the locker room was rather empty when we arrived, just a sole co-occupant who offered congratulations that I had kept a new year's resolution that I actually hadn't made.  Still, the workout was not a worry, just like the following reading for this 'social current see' post.


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