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How to "Browse on Purpose"

What if every time you went shopping online you could help your favorite charity?  That is now possible and if you are interested in learning more, the details are here. is the creation of ALTACITIES® (, the social network moniker for Mike & Dee Dee Foxworth of Corona, California. Our AMAZON® location (AMAzONE Crossing®) doesn't just reflect the reading and browsing we are doing on our KINDLE® devices and apps and other interests during our retirement years. There is another purpose.

THIS IS ABOUT OUR PHILANTHROPIC PARTNERSHIPS where charitable partners derive income from purchases made on these pages. Thank you for connecting to us at BROWSE on PURPOSE® for an introduction to this program.  Yes, now you can BROWSE on PURPOSE® at the AMAzONE CROSSING (XNG)® by ALTACITIES® ...

Primarily, we are interested in connections with organizations and individuals that have experience or interest in developing social networks with a charitable intent.  Also, we would like to hear from individuals who have a personal story to tell about survival after medical or physical issues have caused life-changing conditions.  As a mantle cell lymphoma survivor with an SCT performed in 2007, Mike and Dee Dee, have an affinity for those who have been through similar circumstances.  We believe that we have a commission to help others in this journey.  Our STORY.

One of our objectives is to bring eCommerce and revenue to smaller nonprofits (those with budgets under $3 million and a history of at least five years.  Yes, these might include private Foundations founded and run by cancer survivors and/or their families who have a mission to help support finding a cure for any particular type of cancer or helping patients and families with their survival journey.  Other types of small non-profits may apply, but they must have official 501(c)3 status. 

THE G+ CLIP ABOVE shows a recent AMAzONE CROSSING (XNG)®  posting about a baseball trivia book on AMAZON®.  The intro to the clip asks a trivia question as an example of one way that social media can be used to drive traffic to any eSTORE.

VISIT AMAzONE Crossing® to browse the topics and let us know what you enjoy by returning comments at our blog/website/social media locations.  Better still, shop or something you regularly purchase or a gift item that is on a wish list.  Specific departments (stores) have been established and designated where the commission proceeds paid by AMAZON® are dedicated entirely to a specific beneficiary.

Our charitable partnerships do not just cover nonprofits, but also individuals who are trying to rebound after difficult circumstances have caused economic challenges.  Cancer survival is wonderful for many, but not all because of the loss or a job and steady income.  What follows below is a typical TWEET from a source that promotes Amazon MP3 offerings.  Tweets as simple as this one drive thousands of visitors to this offering.

So, a primary focus of our mission is to help survivors, particularly cancer survivors (with whom we share an affinity) when they may have economic hardships due to disability, early retirement, isolation, and extreme medial hardship due to limited income and astronomical medical bills.  See this alt@link for more information.

For further reading, we have selected several BENCHMARK links to help share details about how others set up an manage ecommerce successfully. At this alt@link start by reading how one eCommerce guru averaged $500 per month with AMAZON®.

Check out other blog and social media links to see other content produced by ALTACITIES. Also, see this alt@link for 10 more AMAZON® associate program lessons.  Here are the URLs where you will find this information:

CLICK the AMAzONE CROSSING ® link on this page to see the actual shopping page. Also, see this alt@link for more information and the AMAZON® compensation plan.

See this alt@link for more information for the top 7 tips to make real money with AMAZON®

Now, if you want to get started with eCommerce via Browse on Purpose ®, here are the steps:

1)  The basic methodology here is to constantly create posts, tweets, and messages on social media (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, G+ and others) that include brief content, graphics, hashtags (#), and links to AMAZON® pages (products and services via the eCommerce giant).

2)  At first, the user (and followers) need not worry about creating the content, but only reposting, adding likes, and otherwise communicating this content to her personal network of friends, followers, and contacts.  Some aspects of this are automatic; others need additional attention that will be covered over time.

3) Soon, the user will will learn how to create and post their own content and the eSTORE opportunities can be expanded.

4) At first, the user will have his or her own personal "signature" and pages with links (including a brief bio or personal story) on the ALTACITIES ® network and related social media sites. 

5) Later, as the user builds a revenue stream, the time may arrive to consider a separate domain name, URL, blogs, and other personalization, but this will all require some modest investment of time and resources on the user's part.  

6)  But for an undetermined amount of time, ALTACITIES ® will collaborate on all efforts and will be here to assist users and participants to benefit by this process and to make an income.  

7) There is proof, billions of purchases of products and services are made daily online, countless of these purchases are made on AMAZON®.  As a participant in  Browse on Purpose ®, your singular goal will be to inform as many people as we can about this new mission and opportunity to help the cause in which you believe by doing one thing that comes naturally, shop online.

How does this work?  
SEARCH for AMAZON products and add these to your 
"wish list" using the instructions below.

Help alt@cities as we help Through Kyle's Eyes Foundation by taking the following steps:

1) Create a "wish list" of products that you frequently purchase or consider purchasing online via AMAZON.  As a suggestion, you may add to your list a favorite brand of golf balls or other golf equipment.  What's available on AMAZON?  Use the search box below.

2) If you do not now have an AMAZON wish list, download the app for your phone, computer, or tablet device.  }:{  alt@link  }:{ 

3) Create your wish list and make it public or if you prefer, let us know privately via email to these address links.

4) Email alt@cities with that wish list name and alt@cities will send instructions for the next steps.  

The FULL amount of EVERY commission earned via purchases from this "wish list" will be given to the selected charity.

Again, to request a more detailed explanation of these steps, EMAIL us or check out this link :   }:{  alt@link  }:{ 

You may also enter a comments at this BLOG POST, noting your intent to become a supporter of this charity.

Also, if you want to inquire about how you or your nonprofit organization and charity can set up an ALTACITIES eStore send an EMAIL request to us.


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