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Nine separate blogs occupy the ALTACITIES neighborhood on Blogger at this time.  The flagship location is our AltaConnect blog, an archive location for matter pertaining to common interest developments, aka homeowner association or HOAs.  All nine blogs in the neighborhood have undergone a facelift and design format change, but the common interests of the content remains the same.

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Andi Stevenson knew her life would never be same after purchasing her new condo on Euphoria Lane. On day one, she finds the body of the homeowners association president. Day two, she discovers the property manager is her former fiancé. Day three, the new president begins his campaign of violation letters to force her to move. Day four, her sister, the owner of a detective agency, needs her help with the investigation of the murder. And day five, a full scale neighborhood war!

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With more than 9 million Californians as homeowners, residents of common interest developments (aka homeowner associations or HOAs), it stands to reason that there is a specific body of law to help govern these communities. Of course, that law is the Davis-Stirling Act (DSL), extant since 1985.

Did you know? The prime-position author of that law, the notable former and recalled Gov. Gray Davis actually did not write the law, but relied upon a San Diego law professor for the content with cooperation from fellow attorney and former CA Assemblyman Lawrence Stirling. The summary story is shared in the archive above.

Actually, the origin and authorship standings for the Davis-Stirling Act is not really that unusual in California.  In order to get bills passed, legislators often collaborate with fellow legislators, as in Republicans with Democrats (a minority member with a majority member), assuring legislation passes the California Assembly and/or The State Senate.  Behind the scenes, the true authors of legislation are hired by or are members of special interest groups like the California Bar or homeowner association professionals.

Of course, in the case of DSL, the group behind the legislation was the homeowner association industry, not actual homeowners in these developments.  Truth is, of course, homeowners don't generally seek more rules and regulations.  Most prefer less.  But for more of what common interests mean to homeowners, follow ALTACITIES and see the additional content in the slide show above.

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