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▶The top-of-the lineup story in this TRILOGY prompts my memory about the numerous times in which I arrived at City of Hope and other medical facilities for chemo sessions or other reasons.  The most astounding visual that prompted concern was the sight of many children wearing head covers or facial masks. Like me, these kids were there to get "canswers" for cancer. How cancer in the family reverberates through the workplaceFrom CANswer ♥ Worth, a Flipboard magazine by ®  Some days, the thought will run through J.D. Derderian’s mind while at his office: “What am I doing here? I should be on a dock with my son…
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▶ The medical community has long reported that brain cancer has
always been the most elusive malady in search of a cure.  At last, is that reality changing?
Experimental Brain Cancer Treatment Is a SuccessFrom CANswer ♥ Worth, a Flipboard magazine by ®  Using the immune system to …