Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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As a homeowner in a common interest development, aka HOA or homeowners association, we live along with some 1317 households that have the notion that our small, pristine community is all but invincible. So the topic of this moment is posted with some reservation and apology to those who don't wish to contemplate emergency management. 
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TWITTER moments (like the one below) and social media content today archive the results of web search for the non-trending #StaffordAct story and social media links▶  Within these links and the #SocialCurrentSee on topic, we learn about the raging debate about the #StaffordAct ▶ Robert Theodore Stafford was an American politician from Vermont. In his lengthy career, he served as the 71st Governor of Vermont, a United States Representative, and a U.S. Senator. A Northeastern Republican, Stafford was generally considered a liberal, or "Rockefeller" Republican, some call them progressive Republicans▶ Under the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, there exists a broad system of policies and regulations that bear the moniker, #StaffordAct ▶ Specifically: Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, PL 100-707, signed into law November 23, 1988; amended the Disaster Relief Act of 1974, PL 93-288. This Act constitutes the statutory authority for most Federal disaster response activities especially as they pertain to FEMA and FEMA programs ▶ A bingo, bango, bongo, or just BING search on this topic led to details under inspection, including a leading link to content for the usual source, WIKIPEDIA▶ For ALTACITIES, the topic of the #StaffordAct came to the fore due to this TwitterMoment.

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