Saturday, June 4, 2016


No doubt, you have read the business press and #SocialCurrentSee about the story: Amazon has teamed with billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban to offer a collection of products and up-and-coming brands through the company’s Exclusives store. Of course, as reporters have said: you don’t even need three commas in your net worth to shop there.

AMAZON shows Cuban featured wearing a Currency T-shirt from his apparel brand, Three Commas (that’s the universal symbol for a billion), and the shirt is among the items you can pick up — for $34.95. Other items include Smooth for Men Coffee Body Scrub, Nuts ‘n More High Protein Peanut Butter Cookie Butter Flavor, an inflatable stand up paddle board from Tower Paddle Boards, and the Q-Fex Acupressure Back and Body Massage Tool.

The collection launches with more than 100 items, many of which customers may recognize from “Shark Tank,” the reality show Cuban appears on. The Dallas Mavericks owner doesn’t stray far from the sport he loves, as The Dirty Dunk over-the-door basketball hoop laundry hamper is featured, along with shirts from a number of NBA and college sports teams.

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