Monday, February 22, 2016

Runway clearance issue at FL HOA

Unusual HOA: Spruce Creek Fly-in Community
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Very few common interest developments (aka HOAs) in the USA come with a landing strip like the one shown above. As amenities for HOAs generally go, a community golf course or a fitness center may be the typical luxury, not a private plane landing strip?  The clips and links below reveal some truth in the old adage (here paraphrased): "The more you add to your home purchase, the more that can go wrong!"

According to CAIRF, Florida leads the nation with about 50,000* HOAs where in excess of 8 million* residents live, topping the nation in both categories. (*2016 estimates)

This location is the Spruce Creek Fly-in Community near Daytona Beach, Florida. Recently notable is how a conflict for resident pilots at this HOA made the report that is linked below.

VIDEO LINK (click to view)

Related: READ STORY  ▶ Blogger Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities, writes: "Across the US, there are some planned communities targeted to pilot homeowners with private aircraft. Each home comes with its own airplane hangar, and the community has its own runways. That enables the homeowners to conveniently store their aircraft on site, and fly to and from their own homes in their private aircraft."  Something like this might be expected in the western US, perhaps Alaska, but the site is most unusual for an urban state like Florida, right?


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