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Spicey Cinnamon (Spliced & Diced)

Cinnamon is an extremely diverse ingredient, spicing up anything ranging from apple pie to hot tea, curry to oatmeal. However, this popular spice is not only beloved for its spicy and sweet flavor, but also for the health benefits it offers. Many healing traditions throughout history have made use of cinnamon.

Thousands of years ago, healers might use cinnamon to treat patients’ suffering from ailments such as headaches or indigestion. Today, many of cinnamon’s traditional healing purposes are being confirmed by science. Studies have found that cinnamon may be useful in treating a vast array of illnesses while contributing to your overall health. Whether you’re suffering from a cold or cancer, cinnamon might be the right answer for you. This miraculous spice serves a number of different purposes, from fighting infection to regulating blood sugar, and from stimulating the brain to lowering cholesterol. Whatever your physical and mental situation, cinnamon is sure to spice up your …