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Generosity story spun from the 'Circle City'

Noted as the Orange County (CA) gateway to the Inland Empire, the "Circle City" of Corona rarely makes national or regional news.  But our nearby local community just made headlines and considerable 'social current see' through reports of generosity and kindness. The STORY was related to the theft of Jocelyn Flores' expensive pink wheelchair which prompted a search by police and a deserving community response. Jocelyn Flores' wheelchair was stolen from the front porch of her family's home in Corona. Jocelyn, 4, has Down syndrome, and without the wheelchair she was unable to attend school.

Bingo, bango, bongo, or just BING
Theft of Jocelyn Flores' expensive pink wheelchair prompts a search by police and an outpouring of generosity
— ad colligenda bona (@FRamabama) December 20, 2014

Post by ABC7.
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