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How to "Browse on Purpose"

What if every time you went shopping online you could help your favorite charity?  That is now possible and if you are interested in learning more, the details are here.

http://browseonpurpose.comis the creation of ALTACITIES® (, the social network moniker for Mike & Dee Dee Foxworth of Corona, California. Our AMAZON® location (AMAzONE Crossing®) doesn't just reflect the reading and browsing we are doing on our KINDLE® devices and apps and other interests during our retirement years. There is another purpose.

THIS IS ABOUT OUR PHILANTHROPIC PARTNERSHIPS where charitable partners derive income from purchases made on these pages. Thank you for connecting to us at BROWSE on PURPOSE® for an introduction to this program.  Yes, now you can BROWSE on PURPOSE® at the AMAzONE CROSSING (XNG)® by ALTACITIES® ...

Primarily, we are interested in connections with organizations and individuals that have experience or interest in developing social networks with a charita…