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Showing posts from June 18, 2013

The AMAZON "Wish List Idea" for the AMAzONE Crossing

Participants with our charitable partners are invited to first create a wish list with their #AMAZON account.

These lists may be created publicly (anyone can view) or privately where the information in the wish list is shared with #ALTACITIES and/or the charitable cause via email only.  Go to this alt@link to download an #AMAZON shopping app before starting the process or visit to accomplish this app download search with an Internet connection.  Then, visit AMAzONE Crossing.

The reason for the wish list creation by numerous participants is to build and inventory of products with a specific store (or page on AMAzONE Crossing) for which the commissions paid will benefit the charitable cause.  Write to ALTACITIES for more details on how this happens.

Wish lists and the product inventory in any given store will increase over time, as will the purchases.  The more referrals that are made to the site with and increasing number of social media mentions, then the more commiss…